Stop Wasting Wealth in Mutual Funds Don F. Wilkinson

Let Don F. Wilkinson introduce you to a better way of investing your money today: a separately managed account.

Comparing Separate Accounts with Mutual Funds:

Separate Account Prestige

Investors are outgrowing mutual funds. Sophisticated investors relish custom solutions to make them feel special.

Today, many long-time mutual fund investors are asking themselves if they should stay with the ultimate “retail” investment, one associated with mass market investing and viewed by many as a commodity.

Knowing your portfolio is being managed by a private money manager alongside a Ford Foundation or a Bill Gates is a prestige factor a separate account carries that is hard to ignore.

Mutual fund managers don’t differentiate between one investor and another. Their job is to get the numbers, regardless of who is investing in the fund.

Separate accounts investors receive asset management on an individual basis, receiving custom solutions on the securities they own.

Excerpt from Stop Wasting Your Wealth in Mutual Funds: Separately Managed Accounts—The Smart Alternative

Stop Wasting Wealth
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Chapter 10—Prestige Factor: Invest with the Rest or Invest with the Best?

The task for you as a client is to make contact with highly-professional, institutional-style money managers. This usually occurs through your financial advisor. A private money manager services your separate account—no mutual fund can touch that level of personalized attention. That becomes important to a separate account holder as a member of a new breed of investor who demands the same personalized attention that these portfolio money managers have lavished on ultra-rich clients and institutions for decades. You can now play in the league where the price of admission once was $1 million or more.

Mutual Funds:

  • You are investing with the masses.
  • You are looked upon as a commodity.
  • The actions of other investors affect everyone in the fund.

Separate Accounts:

  • You follow the same strategy utilized by the ultra-rich and institutions.
  • You receive more personalized service.
  • It’s your account!