Stop Wasting Wealth in Mutual Funds Don F. Wilkinson

Let Don F. Wilkinson introduce you to a better way of investing your money today: a separately managed account.

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Don F. Wilkinson is a 30-year veteran of the financial services industry. He presently is the owner of a wealth management firm in Orange County, CA. His firm specializes in asset protection and estate planning for individuals and business owners. His client roster is high-end, affluent investors.

After many years specializing in mutual fund investing, Mr. Wilkinson has become disillusioned with the mutual fund investing process. In his mind, during the 2000-2001 investment years, it was especially evident that another wealth management philosophy was needed to secure, protect, and increase the financial well-being of his clients.

After extensive research and reasoning, he has concluded that there is a better way for more affluent individuals to have their marketable securities managed—that better way being separate account management. What was once the investment vehicle of choice for only the very rich is now the vanguard of wealth management for the emerging affluent.

This process of hiring top grade money managers to manage portfolios at reasonable fees, with improved tax efficiency and microscopic real time reporting, was one of many factors convincing Mr. Wilkinson that separate accounts are the future’s investment process of choice for knowledgeable wealthier individuals. Thus, Mr. Wilkinson established his own company in April of 2002: Wasting Wealth, LLC. He has begun educating the general public about the benefits of separate account management over investing in mutual funds. This informative Web site is the first plateau of wealth management tools planned to assist the investor.

Don F. Wilkinson
Don. F. Wilkinson

I didn’t begin my career being an advocate for separate accounts...